We are the gateway to research and consulting services from New Zealand’s leading University.


What do we do?

We create high value and high impact commercial opportunities for our clients in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific. Working alongside commercially engaged academics, researchers, technicians and students we provide research, consulting, and locating your own R&D team within the University. You can see more details of the ways we can work with you here .

Our team can offer expert support and specialised sector insights in food and nutrition, health, engineering, science and the environment. Not only do we support our industry partners in engaging with academics, we can also assist with accessing government funding for R&D.

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Who do we help?

Our team works with a wide range of New Zealand, Australian and Pacific companies and we collaborate closely with our International team to provide opportunities to bring New Zealand science to a global audience.

Imagine being able to access the resources of 5,000 world-recognised minds, and the specialised equipment and resources of the University of Auckland. We connect you with the solutions that will create competitive advantage and success in your business.

We can help you.

Our Team

Nick Reilly_0.png

Nick Reilly

Business Development Manager - Food & Health

Nick connects industry with researchers to solve the hard to answer questions in the food and nutrition sector.

Roselle Thoreau_0.png

Roselle Thoreau

Engineering Partnership Manager

Roselle provides support for companies and academics who collaborate together to form MBIE Research Partnerships


Dana Felbab

Business Development Manager – Health

Dana works with the health care industry to advance their research & development through knowledge and capabilities of the University.

Analeise Murahidy_0.png

Analeise Murahidy

Business Development Manager - Environment

Analeise supports industries across a range of sectors to engage with University knowledge to improve their objectives.


Nic Pennington

Business Development Manager – Engineering

Nic works closely with industry to help them create opportunities and value from the Engineering faculties expertise.


Arron Judson

Innovation Manager – Science

Arron works with industries undergoing significant change to implement science into their strategy

Brett Cowan_0.png

Brett Cowan

General Manager

Our team brings innovation and knowledge from the University for the benefit of industry