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University of Auckland faculty, staff or students should disclose an invention to UniServices if they believe their research could be commercialised for public use and benefit.

Inventions from academia are typically in the very early stages of development and require a significant investment before bringing a product to market. Intellectual property protection often provides the necessary incentive for external companies to license, invest in, or otherwise pursue such a project. Conversely, unprotected intellectual property that has been inadvertently disclosed via publication or public presentation may significantly limit the value of or preclude commercialisation. 

Submitting an idea disclosure involves providing a description of your invention or development to the UniServices Commercialisation team. The disclosure will form the basis of a commercialisation assessment and so should include any information necessary to begin pursuing protection and commercialisation activities, including sponsors of the research and the current state of development.

To begin the process, University Staff and Postgraduate students can submit an Idea Disclosure Form, or contact our team.

If your idea relates to an existing or anticipated company that is affiliated with the University of Auckland, please see the Inventor's Fund page for more information. 


Learn About Intellectual Property

Working at the cutting edge of science and research, occasionally new and unexpected discoveries will be made that could have significant benefit for the public - once transferred from the laboratory.


Intro to IP

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Protecting Your Idea

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Intellectual Property Ownership

All developments that you feel may solve a significant problem and/or have significant value should be submitted as idea disclosures to UniServices.

For more information on how intellectual property ownership is determined for University of Auckland staff and students, the University's IP policy can be found here.

If you have any questions please contact the the Commercialisation Team.