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A novel customisable, environmentally friendly packaging container for effective storage and transport of manufactured and/or natural goods.


Problems Addressed

Cardboard or paperboard containers or boxes are widely used to enclose and protect an item for transport or storage. One of the primary functions of these containers is to physically protect the contained item during transport or storage. There are several areas in which the environmental impact of these existing cardboard or paperboard containers could be improved, including:

1. Glue, tape, or fasteners such as staples are often used to secure the box in its desired position and provide added structural rigidity. The presence of these non-wood-based materials may hinder attempts to recycle the products. Often the cost and effort required to separate these materials results in the entire packaging solution being sent to landfill.

2. Polystyrene peanuts, inflated air bags or moulded polystyrene inserts are commonly used to secure the product and prevent damage. These present additional recycling challenges. Alternatives such as crumpled paper or biodegradable peanuts provide a more environmentally friendly option but often result in increased handling and weight, adding further cost and impact.

3. The structural requirements of these containers are often dictated by the need to stack, palletise, and transport many units at once. Increased cardboard thickness for strengthening increases the total amount of resource used for packaging a given product. Inserts, commonly plastic, may provide additional structural strength but also result in additional manufacturing and assembly complexities and costs, and may have similar recyclability concerns as above.



The manufacture of such folded packaging has an estimated annual worth of $120 billion USD, and a significant expected growth rate as globalisation trends continue and global living standards increase, resulting in more consumer spending. This new container can be customised and adapted to suit almost any manufactured or natural product with a need to be packaged for transport or storage. One example is the packaging of a flat panel TV, protected from bumps or impacts, without the need without the need for any separate parts or filler.


- Novel design that improves structural strength without the need for additional inserts or excessive material thickness.

- Customisable design in which product(s) can be suspended and secured without the need for additional packaging filler.

- Reduction, if not elimination, for the need of adhesives in the assembly of the container.

 - Container is formed from a single unitary blank reducing waste and cost.   

- Labelling and branding can be printed directly on the box prior to folding cutting and assembly.



Professor Poul Michael Fonss Nielsen



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