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NZ XR Summit 2020

What is happening in immersive technology in new Zealand, and how do we compare to the rest of the world?

Date: 2-3 December 2020

The first-ever NZ XR Summit is a conference designed to showcase New Zealand’s capability and strengthen domestic and international relationships within the Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and extended Reality (XR) industry and research sectors.

The hybrid summit will provide a deep understanding of global developments and trends in the AR/VR sectors, and attendees will be exposed to the latest immersive technology and research.

Join us for this special event with leading industry and academic speakers, including Professor Tom Furness, also known as the “Grandfather of Virtual Reality”!


About the speakers


Alvin W. Graylin

Alvin W. Graylin is the China Regional President of Vive at HTC, leading the Vive business in the region. He is also Chairman of the Industry of Virtual Reality Alliance and President of the $10B Virtual Reality Venture Capital Alliance.

He has over 20 years of business management experience in the tech industry, including 15 years in Greater China. Prior to HTC, he had been a serial entrepreneur, having lead/founded four venture-backed startups in the mobile and internet spaces, covering mobile social, ad tech, search, big data and media. Additionally, Alvin has held $100+ million P&L roles at major corporations such as Intel, Trend Micro and WatchGuard Technologies.



Professor Tom Furness III

Professor Tom Furness is a pioneer in human interface technology and often called the “Grandfather of VR”. He is the inventor of the personal eyewear display, the virtual retinal display, and holds 19 patents. He is a Professor at the University of Washington, and Chair of the Virtual World Society.

With his students and colleagues Professor Furness has started over 25 companies, two of which are traded on NASDAQ at a market capitalization of > $8 B (USD). In 1998 he received the Discover Award for his invention of the virtual retinal display.


Professor Mark Billinghurst

Professor Mark Billinghurst co-founded one of the first Augmented Reality (AR) companies, and is a pioneer in researching and commercialising AR. He is Professor in the Auckland Bio-Engineering Institute at the University of Auckland and Professor of Human Computer Interaction at the University of South Australia. He is Director of the Empathic Computing Laboratory where he is exploring how Augment and Virtual Reality, physiological sensors and wearable devices can be used to create new types of collaborative experiences that can increase understanding and empathy between people.

He has worked in this field for over 25 years, founding the Human Interface Technology Laboratory New Zealand (HIT Lab NZ) at the University of Canterbury, before moving to the University of South Australia and University of Auckland. In addition, Professor Billinghurst has worked in industry at British Telecom, Nokia, Google, and most recently as an Amazon Scholar for Amazon, and has founded two start-ups in the AR space.