Innovation institute will connect NZ and China

The University of Auckland’s new Innovation Institute China (UAIIC) will provide unprecedented access to an extensive range of networks, research and funding opportunities in China.

The University of Auckland’s knowledge transfer company, UniServices, has established the institute in the Chinese city of Hangzhou. It is due to formally open in the first quarter of 2017 and will focus on collaboration.

The Innovation Institute will allow the University of Auckland, UniServices and its partners to:

  • Develop stronger local relationships in China with local and central government, Chinese universities and research institutes, Chinese companies and international companies with a presence in China.
  • Provide access to a wider range of public and private good funding opportunities in China to support research at the University of Auckland.
  • Improving market knowledge and market access, allowing the University to undertake a wider scope of projects across China.

“By developing a wholly foreign owned entity in Hangzhou, China, we are enhancing our position in the world innovation ecosystem,” says Lisbeth Jacobs, UniServices General Manager International. “It will enable a safe pathway for international clients who have a desire to undertake research in China with the University of Auckland.”

University of Auckland researchers will have access to the facilities when the building is completed enabling closer collaborations with Chinese universities, government agencies and commercial partners.

“The University of Auckland and Auckland UniServices support economic growth locally and internationally through innovation and entrepreneurship, creating quality jobs and high-value businesses, producing graduates and spin-out companies that contribute to and strengthen our economy and society, to the benefit of all. The establishment of the University of Auckland Innovation Institute, China is an example of our commitment to achieving these goals,” says UniServices CEO Andy Shenk.