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Innovations for Healthy Living Conference

Ideas to life conference 2018

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World-leading health research and cutting edge medical innovations from the University of Auckland will be showcased at a special medical technology and health commercialisation conference co-hosted by UniServices in China next month.  
UniServices has followed Mercedes Benz’s investment into Soul Machines with its own commitment of US$2m to a US$15m+ funding round announced recently by the company.  UniServices, which owns 15% of the company, made the investment through its $20m University of Auckland Inventors Fund.  Soul Machines was spun out of the University of Auckland in July 2016 with a Series A investment round by some of the
Young Kiwi business leaders such as Veronica Stephenson of Humble Bee and Spindle Fibre Films


We connect international governments and industry partners to the University of Auckland. Through us you can also access the extensive portfolio of new technologies available for commercial licensing, and spin-out companies for investment.

Join us for the Ideas to Life Conference 2018 - Innovations for Healthy Living.



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